Monday, February 10, 2014

Are you a victim of false domestic violence accusations? Need a Solution?

Untrue domestic violence accusation cases are quite common in Colorado. There could be innumerable reasons behind it like intoxication, jealousy, custody clashes, or animosity, all such reasons are enough to lie or overstate. The major issue with such cases is that Police can hardly evaluate matters like self-defense on the scene, so they just arrest accused. It takes an expert Denver Domestic violence defense lawyer to prove your innocence and counter the government’s evidence, also to defend you in the court.

In Denver just an accusation of domestic violence can shake your life. If a case of domestic violence is registered against you than in normal condition an officer can arrest you. Following this criminal proceedings and a mandatory warning order will also be forced on you and ask you to move out of the home.
Due to this, you can lose all your relationships, career and it can also adversely effect on your reputation. Jail and prison are most common punishments in the domestic violence cases. In-fact, some minor cases can take you to overlong trial with court. All such allegations of domestic violence are taken very seriously in the state and strong response is given to the victims. However, it is equally harsh on the people who file false or lightly cases.

One thing that, people are usually not aware about the law is that once you accuse some for domestic violence you can’t take your petition back unlike many other cases. So, a person should always think twice before filing a case of domestic violence.

Pisani Law Firm is a capable criminal defense company that is always there to support you in your tough times. With over the years of trial experience, we have handled numerous Denver domestic violence defense cases and understand how to pick the weak points of the government’s case. Hiring a right attorney you can expect best results of your interest.