Friday, August 25, 2017

Expunged Records Can Save You From Future Criminal Background Checks

We don’t like getting flashbacks of things from our past that we don’t ever want to remember, do we? People do not deserve to be judged by their past, simply because they don’t live in the past anymore. Judging someone is never considered good, but if you really must judge someone, judge them by who they are in the present, not by who they were in the past.

For the same reason, a person aspiring for a job or a financial service, or while purchasing a particular product or a service shouldn’t be checked for his criminal history. But the bad news is that they do get checked for their criminal backgrounds. And the good news is that your criminal records can be sealed in order to make them unavailable throughout the state.

Once your criminal record is fully expunged, you have no legal or ethical duty to disclose it to anyone. And if someone ever asks whether you were involved in any criminal offense ever, you can simply answer them with a “no”.

Some Places And Situations Where Criminal-Background Checks Happen

  • Employers (private and government both) run criminal-background checks on candidates prior to offering them jobs. People with criminal backgrounds find it hard to apply for any jobs if their criminal records aren’t expunged since the basic eligibility criteria for almost all jobs require that the candidate shouldn’t have a criminal background.
  • While offering financial services (like loans, advances, insurance, etc.) to people, banks, and other financial institutions run criminal-background checks on them. Thus, it becomes next to impossible for people to get loans, advances, and other financial services.
  • While purchasing arms and ammunition, people are checked for any possible criminal backgrounds and are right away denied making these purchases, if their criminal background isn’t found clean.
  • Applying for a professional license (certification or qualification to perform a job or a task) also requires a thorough criminal-background check. And if it isn’t found clean, a person can be refused the license.
  • Finding a house can seem impossible if you do not have a clean criminal record. Property owners and managers can refuse to offer housing services to you on this basis.

Want to get your criminal records expunged?

To save yourself from getting stuck in such situations which require performing a criminal-background check on you, an expert criminal defense attorney can assist in sealing all your criminal records in order to make them unavailable throughout the state. With this, you wouldn’t be required to carry your criminal history forever with you.