Friday, July 31, 2015

Actions That Lead to the Driving Privilege Suspension in Colorado

In every country all over the world, driving laws are made in order to help cars move safely through the streets. They are also made for maintaining order in the streets and for public safety. Hence it is of utmost importance that these laws are strictly followed by people who drive their cars on the streets. If you break any of these laws, then you could get your driver’s license revoked, suspended or cancelled.

So if you are intending to avoid such hassles, it is necessary for you to learn about the actions that can lead to your driver’s privileges being suspended. Every state in the USA has their very own regulations regarding this matter and the same can be said about Colorado.

Read on to find out more about driving law violations that can get your license revoked in Colorado.

While it is true that the DUI laws and penalties does vary by greatly state, in general majority of the states will have your driver’s license suspended if they find you convicted of a DUI or DWAI charge.

The length of a license suspension frequently depends on the following factors:

Driving Under the Influence (DUI)
  • The blood alcohol content (BAC) level
  • The age of the individual
  •  Whether there was any accident involving injury
  • Whether there was any accident involving death
  • Whether the individual is a repeat offender  

The majority of the states make it compulsory for the drivers under the age of 21 years to follow stricter DUI rules. This is frequently referred to in the legal circles as Zero Tolerance. For this reason, even the slightest hint of alcohol on the driver’s breath can lead to automatic conviction along with the subsequent license suspension.

Numerous states will also automatically suspend the driver’s license if he or she refuses to consent for a breath test. The rule applies to all the drivers regardless of their age. 

Specific forms of traffic ticket violations that can lead to suspension of a driver’s license 

In the majority of the situations, a person can face a suspended driver’s license if he or she is convicted for the following types of traffic violations: 

  •  Unattended child in running vehicle; 
  •  Driving without proper car insurance;   
  • Eluding a traffic officer or a police officer;  
  • Recklessly driving a small or a large vehicle;     
  • Vehicular assault, manslaughter, or homicide; 
  • Committing a felony that involves a motor vehicle
  •  Reckless endangerment in a zone of road construction
  •  Leaving the actual scene of the accident involving you that lead to a death, an injury or property damage in some way

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Having too many numbers of DMV points in your account can lead to driver’s license suspension or revoking 

Numerous states in the USA make use of a point system to measure and keep a track of traffic violations committed by a single person. If an individual acquires too many numbers of points, then eventually his or her driver’s license can get suspended or revoked. The exact number of points associated with specific types of traffic violations differ greatly from one state to another, and Colorado has also got its own table of points for such violations. The license suspension point also varies from one state to another and has a specific number for the state of Colorado.

Having too many number of traffic tickets in your account can lead to driver’s license suspension or revoking 

If you manage to have too many number of traffic tickets in your record, then you are red-flagged by the law as a habitual offender. Getting too many numbers of speeding tickets within a particular duration may eventually lead to the loss of your driving privileges. This system is widely prevalent in states that do not have a DMV point system. To know more about this system, you can consult a speeding ticket lawyer in Colorado who regularly deals with such cases.

Non-Driving Violations
Some states may also issue a revoke of one’s driver’s license for violations that are unrelated to driving. This may include failing to pay the child support or even getting convicted by the law for stealing the motor fuel. This particularly applies to teen drivers. 

The importance of a lawyer in cases related to suspension of a driver’s license

License revoke or suspension can be a matter of great harassment for a person. If your driver’s license has been recently suspended for some reason, then you need reliable legal counsel to deal with such a situation. A professional lawyer who is experienced in handling license revocation cases can help you in this regard. It is impossible for you as a layman to understand the various aspects of law that pertain to license suspension, and a lawyer can help you to get back your license in the earliest possible time.