Monday, July 25, 2016

How to Fight a Traffic Ticket without a Lawyer?

Getting a traffic ticket doesn’t always mean that you have to lose your money for either paying off the fine or hiring a lawyer to fight it. If you think that you weren’t at fault and are stuck in a tricky situation or you simply don’t want to add points to your license, you can defend yourself even without a lawyer. It may sound a little tedious if you aren’t well versed with the laws and appeals, but, sometimes, putting some effort can pay off really well. All you have to do is some research, gather information and follow certain systematic steps as per the law of your state to get your traffic ticket dismissed. However, although it is possible to get your ticket dismissed, going to court and dealing with the legal procedures might be quite stressful. If you are wondering how to fight a traffic ticket without a lawyer, here are some tips that could help you:

Remain Composed
Always stay calm and composed during a traffic stop as well court hearing. Maintain a respectful attitude towards the prosecutor. Its important to be positive and have a professional attitude in the court during hearing. Attorneys always try to trick you to get a desirable statement from you. Thus, showing hostility towards any question may bring you unfavourable outcomes.

Gather Information
Mostly, the state law gives you some time to prepare for the court hearing. Utilise the time to prepare yourself. Research about the laws and legal procedures so that you can point out if there was any misconduct on the part of law enforcement officials. Find out laws that might work in you favour and know how to use them.

Prepare Yourself
While representing yourself in the court you must remember that you are facing an expert. Thus, prepare yourself accordingly and never appear in the court without devising your exact line of defence. A pro defendant is usually allowed to testify in a slightly different manner which includes a direct speech to the judge. Thus make sure you prepare your speech well and do not fumble in the court while speaking. Keep your speech devoid of emotions and practice it well.

Answer Wisely
Frame your answers wisely before saying. Avoid answering the questions that haven’t been asked and don’t give unnecessary inputs. Saying too much could land you in trouble as professional lawyers know very well how to turn your words against you.

Dress Appropriately
Always remember first impressions last long. A number of people ignore this fact and arrive at the court dressed like they are going to a beach. At least you must wear business casual for a court appearance. People who appear professional and behave like they are in the court to conduct business usually impress not only the judge but the prosecutor as well. And, a prosecutor decides whether he wants to offer you a ‘deal’ or not.

Present Your Conduct as a ‘Mistake of Fact’
The judge might consider that the circumstances were beyond your control, if you can prove it well. If you prove that the error was an honest and reasonable one, the judge might conclude that you made a “mistake of fact” and dismiss your ticket. For instance, you can say that you failed to stop before the pedestrian crosswalk markers as they were faded and not clearly visible. You may also claim that you didn’t get a fair notice about the conduct that was expected of you. For instance, the judge might dismiss your ticket for running a brand new stop sign.

Show that Your Conduct was Intended to Avoid Harm
You can also get your traffic ticket dismissed if you can prove that you were forced to violate the traffic law to avoid an immediate and serious danger for yourself or others. For instance, you can say that you were speeding to escape an out-of-control truck heading your way.

Getting a traffic ticket dismissed in Colorado isn’t always that easy, as the state is quite strict in enforcing traffic laws. But if you know a few facts you can fight a traffic ticket even without a lawyer. You can also get a free consultation from the best traffic ticket lawyer in Colorado, who can guide you well in your venture.