Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Accusations of domestic violence can make custody difficult

Child custody is a serious matter for a child and it can impact growth and upbringing in a major way. Parents who get divorced or separated often battle it out in courts trying to get the custody of their child or children. However, if there is any hint of domestic violence involved in the case, then it can seriously impact the outcome of the case in the family court. If you are not sure as to what might happen to your child custody case, it is important that you get in touch with a domestic violence lawyer who can offer you the best representation in the court of law.     

The results of the child custody case as handled in Colorado can be negatively affected if there is any kind of domestic violence involved. So if you are pursuing the child custody case for your child in Colorado, the domestic violence allegations can actually reduce your chances of getting custody. If you want to understand the family law code in Colorado in a better way and have a clear and precise idea about your rights, it is important that you contact a professional divorce attorney who has been working in Colorado for many years. These experts can guide you at every step of the way when you are trying to get child custody. 

How domestic violence can impact the child custody case

While domestic violence accusations are one thing, getting charged with such allegations can significantly lower your chances of having custody of your child. You may even be required to consent to supervised visitation. In any case, your custody rights can get severely limited.

Even when only the allegations are made, it can actually make things much more complicated for you. In many divorce cases it is not really uncommon for one of the parents to accuse the other of violence, even though such an accusation is false. This is something they do in hope that the things might turn out to be favorable for them. Basically in most cases involving child custody, the main goal is to ensure that both parents can have an ongoing relationship with their child or children. It has also been found that children also tend to have a healthier life when they have both their parents by their sides. However, such bliss can be severely hampered when one or both the parents are accused of domestic violence.     

While dealing with a child custody case, the court always takes into consideration the best interest and needs of the child. Therefore the court may not consider it to be in the best interest of the child if a particular parent has a history of domestic violence. There is always a chance that the child may be exposed to domestic violence in the future if the court agrees to let the parent have custody of the child. Therefore the verdict almost always goes against that parent.      

In case the allegations are proven to be true, the violence may continue even if the parents choose to go for a divorce. This is particularly true for people if a divorce ends badly with custody disagreements. In the state of Colorado, if a parent has got a protective order effectively issued against her or him in a case of child custody, then it is certainly going to play a major role in the outcome of the case. Even though they are actually temporary orders, they may affect the ability of the parents to be able to see their child or children. The protective orders are usually used as evidence for a custody dispute. There can also be other reports that are used as evidence of domestic violence. For example, if there has been a police record of a domestic dispute, then such a report can also be presented. Parents in Colorado are not allowed joint custody of children if there has been an instance of domestic violence. 

Consult a domestic violence lawyer in Denver, Colorado

If you are keen to learn more about domestic violence cases, it is important that you get in touch with a Domestic Violence Lawyer Colorado Denver who can help you more in this regard and make sure that justice is done.