Friday, January 20, 2017

Kid Caught Under Criminal Offense in Colorado - What you Need to Know

Being a parent of a young kid who is caught under juvenile crime offense could be quite diminishing and disheartening for you and your child both. It is the time when your child needs your maximum attention and during whole judiciary process while a Colorado defense attorney is rooting for your child you must encourage your kid to improve his/her morale.

To keep your child safe and keep him/her far from such incidents you must be aware of many laws which Colorado state has made and educate your child about them.

Legal age of a juvenile
According to the Colorado state law, it considers a person 18 year or older as the adult and lower age group people would be considered as a minor with some exception like consuming alcohol, renting a hotel room or purchasing or renting a car. When a youth has reached the age of majority (21 years) he may involve in following activities-
1. Joining army without permission.
2. making decisions about changes in his/her body.
3. Entering into any Legal contract.
4. Voting in the Elections.

Drinking offense for a juvenile-
Colorado clearly states that any individual whether male or female cannot enter in any liquor shop if he/she is 21 or younger.
1. It is illegal to consume or possess alcohol for any individual lesser than 21 of age.
2. Any adult cannot sell alcohol to a person younger than 21.
3. If any juvenile uses a fake ID by defacing, altering or changing the information to purchase alcohol then it would be considered a serious crime and multiple charges of cheating, forgery and demeanor would be put against him/her.
4. Although drinking for a juvenile is illegal in Colorado but in some exception cases when a kid is consuming alcohol with the permission of his/her parent and inside their private property, then no action will be taken against them.

Traffic rules for bicycles, skates and rollerboards
As young kids are supposed to be involved in many games and recreational activities. so to promote outdoor activities and also keeping kids safe from misuse of this stuff Colorado state has passed some ordinance regarding the recreational use of bicycles, skates, and rollerboards.
for bicycles users-
a. No noisy siren or whistles should be used.
b. Should carry no. of persons are per bicycles designed for.
c. should fix proper reflectors on both front and rear sides so people can see it from  600 feet distance.
d. should wear a helmet while riding it.
e. Do not attach yourself to any car to take support.
f. Always ride in the right side lane.
g. Do not disturb the pedestrians.
These laws allow kids to use bicycles, skates, and rollerboards inside city area only and do not permit to drive on highways.

Automobile Driving Laws for Youth
Major causes of juvenile cases are regarding traffic violations. There are multiple laws regarding juveniles use of automobiles and how they could be avoided. A younger kid of 16 years of age can get a minor's driving license after passing a driving examination and a signed affidavit from his/her parents.
some common issues in which juvenile offenders could find them as here -

Drink and Drive-
Drink and drive are completely illegal and if any younger person is found under such situations will lose his driving license and could face fines and prison time.

Reckless Driving-
The reckless driving means driving without following traffic laws and violating other road user's traffic rights. Many time youth involves in illegal racing competition and if any youth is caught in such activities then his license would be revoked could be punished with fine or a possible prison time.

False Documentation-
If any youth is caught with any other individual's license or has altered the name and image then it's a punishable offense.

Hit and Run-
If any youth has been involved in any hit and run case then do not panic and contact the authorities.

Drugs and youth-
Colorado state is very strict towards illegal drugs use. There is a strict set of laws against any person who is found in possession of drugs.
a. if any youth is caught using marijuana then he could be fined for $100- $500 or 15 days jail time or both.
b. if any youth is caught having less than 1 ounce of marijuana then it would be considered as a class 2 petty offense and fine would be of $100 or less.
c. if any youth is caught having more than 1 ounces of marijuana but lesser than 8 ounces then it will be a class 1 offense and person will be booked for a case.

Disturbing the peace of public places-
Many times youths are books are disturbing the peace at public places. There are many misconduct behavior which can be booked under the punishable offense-
1. Using foul language or making derogatory gestures at a public place.
2. Unnecessary shouting at a peaceful place like school, hospital or at a private  property.
3. Fighting.
4. Showing a firearm or a sharp weapon at a public place to threaten anybody.