Monday, December 4, 2017

More Than Luck, This Might Get You Out of Your DUI Conviction

“When it comes to luck, you make your own.” -Bruce Springsteen

If you are convicted of a serious DUI charge in the state of Colorado, you would understand well that the problem with drinking and driving is the mourning after. You must have realized your mistake and promised to never repeat it. But what should you do about your current charges? Have you been feeling lost in all the long and complex court procedures that are being followed? Then, you may want to read this.

First and foremost, hire an experienced DUI defense attorney who could represent you in the court, determine whether the investigating or arresting officers have made any mistakes or violated any of your rights, identify flaws in the recorded evidence against you, and make you aware of your rights in order to minimize the consequences and penalties that you might have to face.

Further, remember these 6 absolutely essential points:

  • Do not give any official statement or speak to any officer until your criminal defense attorney is present with you.
  • Do not try to convince your prosecutor in your favor or even speak to him without your defense lawyer being present there.
  • It might be possible that you had very less amount of alcohol (up to the limit which is considered legal), but being a layman, you wouldn’t know such details. One thing you should, however, remember is to never assume that you are guilty of your charge and admit it.
  • Do not rely on the advice of your friend, relative or any other person other than a professional criminal defense attorney. Free advices are far different from professional counseling and you will realize this once you speak to a defense attorney.
  • One more thing to never assume is to think that police officers or arresting officers are perfect people and they wouldn’t make any flaws. Because in reality, they do. A smart defense lawyer can easily identify such flaws.
  • One big mistake you could commit is by resisting your arrest as this is considered as a charge of its own and could be later on, used against you.