Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Best Denver Assault Defense Lawyer

It is best to get a good defense if you have been charged with assault and battery.  Here you can get the best services and we will work to reach a possible resolution in your case in which the charges against you are lessened, or eliminated completely.

Assault is an attempt or threat to do physical harm. Battery is the unjustifiable application of force. Assault & Battery is the act of carrying out the threatened harm and violence.

When faced with assault charges you need to hire a lawyer to defend you against assault charges or any battery charges you must keep in mind that the as lawyer has the necessary skills and experience, proposes a strategy you agree with and earns your trust as it is very necessary that you get good  Assault Defense Lawyer.

The State law on assault is divided into first, second and third degree assault. Third Degree Assault is a Class One (M1) Misdemeanor. This requires only proof that pain was inflicted and may mean up to 2 years in the county jail. Second Degree Assault is a Class Four (F4) Felony. A person must knowingly cause serious bodily injury or causing bodily injury (pain) with a deadly weapon, proof of pain and carries a mandatory prison sentence of 5 to 16 years. First Degree assault is a Class Three (F3) Felony, knowingly causing serious bodily injury with a lethal weapon and proof of intention. First degree assault carries a mandatory 10 to 32 prison sentences.

Denver Assault Defense Lawyers are very skilled and experienced can use certain defenses available to you if you are charged. They have long standing court room experience and can expertly  argue that you were simply acting in self-defense; or maybe  prove  that the victim consented to the attack; or that you are factually innocent and the accusations are false or inaccurate. If these defenses are effectively argued and proved by a good attorney, the charge against you may be reduced to a lesser crime or dismissed altogether.

Denver Battery Defense Attorneys have been supporting individuals facing assault and battery charges for many years. We provide each client we represent with a thorough and dedicated service that is designed to improve their chances of a beneficial outcome to their case.