Monday, August 5, 2013

Hire Affordable Denver Traffic Ticket Defense Lawyer

Attorney Steven J. Pisani specializes in Denver Traffic Ticket Defense and efficiently stands for people who have been charged with committing a violation of the traffic rules. You must know that traffic laws are usually violated in two broad categories such as a traffic felony and a traffic rule breach.

A traffic felony can be considered to be a crime due to the severity of the case. A felony of the traffic law consists of driving without proof of auto insurance, reckless, careless or dangerous driving, hit and run (not stopping at the site of the accident after committing the same). In Denver and throughout the state of Colorado driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is treated as unspecified traffic offense.

On the other hand, a traffic rule breach is not regarded to be a crime by the law and the usual punishment for committing such infraction is a fine. These traffic breaches consist of non-dangerous moving violations and non-moving violations mostly for which the person violating the law will be provided with a traffic ticket.

A Denver Traffic Ticket Defense Attorney specialized in this area of expertise would typically assist in traffic law violation like, speeding tickets, traffic ticket, driving without a license, driving without insurance, hit and run, driving under restraint, reckless driving tickets, careless driving violation, street racing or speed contest, not stopping at a red light, improper u-turn tickets, etc and many others. If you need assistance with traffic defense then you must be in touch with a professional attorney who is specialized to provide you the right guidance.

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