Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Colorado Laws on Open & Concealed Gun Carry

According to the Article II, Section 13 of state laws of Colorado, people has right to carry firearms. However, this doesn’t mean that everyone is allowed to carry a firearm or that they can carry a gun anywhere they feel like. In Colorado, one requires a concealed carry permit for carrying a weapon either openly or in a concealed way near your body. Nevertheless, a permit does not allow an individual to use a gun in a way that would go against or violate the regulations set by the state law.
If you are charged with illegal possession of a firearm, then this can lead to serious legal consequences like prison sentences and harsh fines. To make sure that you have the best legal assistance to get yourself through this in the court of law, you need to get in touch with a Colorado criminal defense lawyer who is well versed with the legal regulations associated with a weapon charge in this state. 

The following section states who, according to the Colorado state laws is not authorized to carry a gun, and whose illegal possession of a gun can lead to him or her being convicted of illegal weapon charges. 

  • People whose age is less than 21 years;
  • Alcoholics or individuals who suffer from addiction of controlled substances;
  •  Nonresidents of the state of Colorado, unless the individual has a permit from a state that has reciprocity with Colorado;
  • People who are ineligible to possess firearms under federal or state law, including those people who have a felony conviction;
  • People who are subjected to protection orders     

Circumstances or situations where carrying a firearm is illegal

According to the state laws of Colorado, a person is not allowed to carry guns in these following situations: 

  •  Within the school premises;
  •  Without having a concealed carry permit;
  •  Within a vehicle, unless it is unloaded;
  •  Within certain specific government buildings;
  •  Any other place where carrying firearms is not allowed according to the federal laws

If a man or a woman is convicted of carrying a concealed handgun in the state of Colorado without concealed carry permit, then it is classified as a class 2 misdemeanor. The penalties for such a crime are a monetary fine anywhere between $250 and $1000, or jail time between 3 months and a year, or both. 

If a person is convicted of having a concealed firearm without permit for the 2nd or subsequent time within the period of 5 years of the first conviction, then it is classified as a class 5 felony. The penalties for a such a crime include monetary fine anywhere between $1000 and $100000, jail time between 12 and 18 months, or both.

Once convicted with Colorado weapon charges, the only way to deal with the legal implications is to get in touch with a reputed attorney who has years of experience in handling cases that pertain to these types of cases.