Wednesday, March 18, 2015

What is the Effect of Pleading Guilty in Colorado for DUI Case?

Have you been charged with DUI offence in Colorado and you are quite certain that you will be convicted by the law? Then you might consider pleading guilty as that will save you a lot of hassles and also the expenses associated with fighting the charge. According to the DUI laws in the state of Colorado, you can be charged with a DUI case if your BAC (blood alcohol content) reading is very high, i.e. .08 or more than that. A reading of 0.11 or 0.20 BAC will definitely get you convicted with a DUI offence. You can also be convicted with a DUI charge if a witness or a police officer testifies to your drunken state or you fail to pass the chemical tests and the sobriety tests, even with a BAC score less than .08.

If you have already decided to plead guilty for a DUI offence, you need the assistance of a professional lawyer who will represent you in the court of law. For this, the best thing for you to do is to get in touch with a law firm in Westminster Colorado that is well acquainted with the DUI Laws in Colorado State. A reputable law firm in Colorado experienced in handling DUI cases can offer you the best legal expertise in every step of the way. 

During your arraignment, you are likely to receive another date of court appearance when you can decide to plead guilty or go for trial. You can also choose to go for trail at this stage, considering the fact that at any time of the trail you can go ahead and plead guilty. If you think that there is a good chance for you to achieve success in the trial, then you can push for a trial instead of pleading guilty. At this stage, the judge might push you for the plea bargain. If you still resist the urge to plead guilty, then you will be asked to explain as to why you think there is a chance for you to win the trial. It is important that you maintain secrecy and discretion in relation to your trial strategy as this can make your case strong against the prosecution.   
In case you have already decided to plead guilty, you’re going to receive a form from your attorney or bailiff that practically waives off all your constitutional rights. The form will also contain several disclosures about possible punishments and penalizations. Sometimes a judge might read the details of the form to you in open court just to make you well aware of the various clauses of your case, so that you may not challenge the court later saying that you were not aware of your rights. 

You will be convicted of the DUI offence after you’ve pleaded guilty and the necessary laws will be applied to your case. It is very difficult to withdraw a guilty plea once you have confirmed to it, so it is important that you are very sure of what you are doing in relation to your particular case. A private DUI attorney who is handling your case can help you to make sure that everything about your case is in the right order.